Comments from mainstream teachers on using symbols with their classes

This is what mainstream teachers have said about using the Commtap Symboliser and adding symbols to key words used in their lessons.

“[Having symbols] helps children with their explanations; the symbols embed the words and children can refer back to them” (year 4 teacher)

Symbols give children more confidence – (for example) one child who would never volunteer anything in class answered a question at length (year 4 teacher)

Using symbols helps to keep focused on the key words that you want the children to learn: it’s a good way to communicate to the children what you expect when providing scaffolding for their written work (year 4 teacher)

Creating materials (for table work) from the symbols I used in the PowerPoint takes a trivial amount of time (minutes) (year 4 teacher)

For the children working just below and (unconfidently) at the expected level, I found that the symbols used in this way [added to key words] gave them a confidence boost. The symbols made the learning and comprehension lessons fun and enjoyable, as well as extremely clear and “safe”. (year 1 teacher)

I felt it was beneficial for the children especially EAL (English as an additional language) children in my class who were able to understand the writing better through the use of pictures. (year 1 teacher)

As you also suggested, keeping the symbols to a minimum was best practise, particularly for the children working towards the expected level. It was much more manageable and engaging for them. (year 1 teacher)

I have found the use of symbols fantastic for these key reasons: simplifying ideas, to recall key information and making learning accessible for all learners including WT [working towards the expected level]. (year 1 teacher)

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