Commtap Symboliser Download

You can download the Commtap Symboliser for PowerPoint for a 30-day trial. To continue using it after your trial period has finished you will need to buy a license key.

During the trial period, many of the symbols have watermarks on them and are low resolution. After purchasing a license key, the watermarks will be removed and you will get high resolution images.


To use the Commtap Symboliser for PowerPoint you will need Microsoft Office PowerPoint running on Windows.


There are two editions of the Commtap Symboliser. They both do exactly the same thing and you can use the same license key with them:

Standard edition
Version 2.46
Personal edition
Version 2.46
Who can use it?All users of the computer.Only the person who installed it.
Who can install it?A system administrator or the person who owns the device for a personal device.Anyone.
This edition is best if …It’s your own computer or an IT person is installing or updating it on a computer.You need to install the software without being an administrator.
Download standard edition Download personal edition

Full details of the versions of PowerPoint and Windows you can use.


Make sure that PowerPoint is closed before installing the symboliser. Double click on the file that you downloaded to start the installation (it will be named something like “commtap-symboliser-for-powerpoint-v2 … “). The installation should start.

When you open PowerPoint, you should see some new buttons on the PowerPoint home tab – one group labelled “Commtap Symboliser” and another group labelled “Grids”. If you do not see these buttons, see troubleshoot problems with installation.

Installation information for IT administrators

Troubleshoot problems with installation

Find out what’s new in the Symboliser