Commtap Symboliser Download

You can download the Commtap Symboliser for PowerPoint for a free 30 day trial. To continue using it after your trial period has finished you will need to buy a license key.

Commtap Symboliser Version 2.24


NOTE: There is a bug in version 2.24 which means that you will get an error if you use the Commtap Symboliser with older Office versions (Office 2013 or earlier). This bug has been removed from version 2.25 – which will be released within the next few days.

Release history


To use the Commtap Symboliser for PowerPoint you will need Microsoft Office PowerPoint running on Windows.

Full details of the versions of PowerPoint and Windows you can use.


Make sure that PowerPoint is closed before installing the symboliser. Double click on the file that you downloaded to start the installation (it will be named something like “commtap-symboliser-for-powerpoint-v2 … .msi”). The installation should start.

Installation information for IT administrators

Not being able to install because you need to be an administrator

If you are asked for an administrator password to install the symboliser, but you don’t have one, you may be able to install the symboliser for your own personal use on the computer instead.