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The Commtap Symboliser for PowerPoint is an add-in which you can install which makes it really easy to use picture symbols in your lessons. For example, you can easily make resources like these:

With this symboliser:

  • You can symbolise words in text boxes easily (just click a button and the picture appears above or below the text);
  • Use free symbol sets;
  • Use symbol sets that you have purchased;
  • Make your own sets of pictures – e.g. class photos;
  • Easily make grids;
  • Add symbols to class resources you already have in PowerPoint;
  • Make complete communication pages for printing out.

Why use this symboliser?

  • You get all the power and versatility of PowerPoint plus you can symbolise;
  • If you already use PowerPoint there’s very little more to learn to be able to use this add-in;
  • You can easily share the symbol resources you make – it’s saved in a standard PowerPoint file which nearly everyone will be able to open;
  • People can edit/delete/move around any symbols – even if they don’t have this add-in;
  • For networked computers you can have a set of standard pictures (such as photos of places around a school) which are automatically available for all those using the symboliser.

After installing the symboliser, you get some new buttons in the PowerPoint ribbon for symbolising and making grids:

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